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All prices in our store are with Dutch VAT (21% included). The final VAT is calculated per country and might vary slightly from the advertised price. If you live in a non-VAT country then you will see the final price without VAT.

Please also read the tabs on the bottom of this page for our privacy policy, license information and F.A.Q. (including refund policy and support procedures).



This is our privacy policy.

hikimori is run by Minko Kalsbeek. We sell sound sets and provide services you can find on our website. In order to do business, we collect some of your info. We need to know, who you are and how to contact you. We collect (meaning you enter) the necessary info for this.

We don’t share this data with third parties. We won’t clog your inbox. Our web hosting (Sohosted) and payment collector (Mollie) have ensured us that none of your data used to make a purchase is transferred or used otherwise. In the case of a breach, you will be notified.

You can contact us to be removed from our client base if so inclined, or if you have any other questions.

Minko Kalsbeek
KVK (dutch chamber of commerce) registration: 69458391
VAT: NL001454504B75
Address: Sichte 13, 8414 PB, Nieuwehorne, The Netherlands
phone: +31623699537

The following information describes our licenses.

All licenses are single-user licenses.
The contents of our sound sets are licensed and not sold to you.
Ownership remains with hikimori.
All rights of the producer and the owner of the work are reserved.
Unauthorized duplication of any download is a violation of applicable laws.
You may not distribute, share, sub license, lend, lease or otherwise make the sound set content available to any third party.
You may use the content of this sound set in your own productions.
The included sound sources cannot be used to create new commercial preset releases.

Installing these products constitutes an agreement to the terms of this license.


This means in short:
Use our sounds to make awesome music. Do with your music what you like.
Do not resell our sound sets as your own product.

We love to hear from you. So feel free to contact us if there is anything you like to know or share. Except if you are that pesky Nigerian prince who can’t get at his money and needs our bank account.


1) How can I contact support?

You can reply to your order confirmation e-mail, use the contact form on the site, or send an e-mail to We will respond within 48 hours. It helps if you send screenshots. Until this date, we were able to help everybody that contacted us. If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, your mail could be in a spam filter. In that case use the contact form.


2) The taxes in my order confirmation are incorrect, what should I do?

Sorry to hear that. Contact us as described above with your order number, billing address, and a link to the digital tax rate that is applicable and we’ll get this sorted for you.


3) Do you have discounts like Black Friday?

No, we dislike the current sales tactics in our industry and do not want to take part in it. We offer our products at a fair price. The only time we have a small discount, is during the introduction period of a new product. This is a celebration period for us. And since the amount of discount, is the price of a drink, we kind of buy you a beer to celebrate. It also enables us to promote the new release on certain sites and Reddits. After this period the price is the normal price and stays the same. So you don’t have to wait until a specific date to get it cheaper. Or find out later you could have got it at a much lower price. We also make our walk-throughs as detailed as possible so you know what you are buying and prevent buyer’s remorse.


4) Will my download link expire?

No. But we do recommend backing up /  make a safety copy. You never know what can happen. If you experience any difficulties with downloading send us an e-mail.


5) On how many computers am I allowed to use your products?

The license is composer-based and not computer-based. You can use our products on as many computers as you want (e.g. laptop, studio daw, VePro slave, etc) if you are the only one using it. Please have a look at the license information tab on this page for more information.


6) What is your refund policy?

We try to be as extensive as we can with our demos and walk-throughs. We offer our sound sets at a fair price (as much as a couple of beers with friends on a night out). Refunds are based on a case per case basis and within 30 days of the original purchase. In the unfortunate case you do have buyer’s remorse, send us an e-mail.


7) Can I resell my license?
Yes, though permission needs to be granted first. In order to do so, please contact us with your details (name, email, purchase) and the new customer’s details (name, email).


8) What is your privacy policy?
See the tab Privacy Policy on this page.

9) Can you make custom sounds for my new project?
Yes, we can. It does depend on the type of synthesizer/sampler and the type of sounds you are looking for. Anything like we have in our shop, we can do for you custom. Please contact us for a specific quote.


10)  Can you tell us a bit more about how you make your sounds?

It’s really diverse actually. It depends on the project we are working on. We use a combination of software, hardware, real instruments, and found sounds.


11) Do you offer courses on sound design?

No, not at the moment. We would like to recommend you to have some bases covered like audio engineering, synthesis, and composition since you will be doing all these things.

We do however offer consults. Contact us for more information.